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Top 10 Personalised Gift Ideas to Offer to a Man or a Woman?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Did you know that Father Christmas recently admitted that "Personalised Accessories are Unforgettable Gifts"? Ha ha yes, one cannot deny the fact that a Personalised Gift brings Emotion all the way, to the one who realizes the Present and the one who receives it.

"Personalisation" or "Custom-made" exists from time immemorial but it has clearly come back in Fashion. Today, a Personalised Clutch is as much desired as a Chanel or Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Bag because it has something special. After the success of Zara and H&M chains who have brought a certain standardisationand made clothes available at a low price. How to distinguish oneself? Obviously, with a Colored or a Personnalised Bag Accessory, or both at the same time!

Men & Women want to feel Unique and what better way than to own a Beautiful Personalised Leather Object ?

We are a weeks away from Christmas now and so we have a few Christmas Gift Ideas to suggest you because they are the type of Presents that bring lots of Happiness!

Here are 3 Gifts ideas for Men at Du Matin au Soir:

1. First, our Card-wallet, Chic and Handy with its cut-sides. This Elegant Detail makes the difference and if you add an Embossed Message on the Leather, it will suddenly become an even more Unique Gift.

Tips: For a Classic Man, go for Gold Initials, if he is not classic, dear a Name or Shortname or Initials in a Color like Metallic Blue or Metallic Red.

2. If your Man is a Dandy who loves to wear Cufflinks and changes them often, we have what you need! The Leather Travel Jewellery Box is thought for ranging a collection of Cufflinks and a Watch! Here is a gift that will help him range his treasures with style! With a Message or Initials on the top, he will be very touched by your thoughts for him.

3. Finally, if you have a small budget and you are looking for a Beautiful Key-ring for a Gentleman, a Chic Daddy or Grand-Father... We propose outstanding Keyrings in Calf Leather (the most beautiful) in the shape of a sailors knot in colors going from Green, to Black passing by Caramel, Wine-red and Blue.

Now we also have 7 Gift Ideas for Women of which 6 are Personalisable!

1. The Personalised Clutch is perhaps the Ideal Gift for a Woman of all ages. We dream of having one at 18 to feel like a woman, we assume it very well quickly and wear it night and day with the strict necessary... Personnalisation makes the difference and has to be adapted to the person's personnality.

We propose two Styles! A Big Clutch or Bag Clutch in Leather that exists with Studs for a Rock Look and without, for a more Sober look ... if you are rather original, the Sober Clutch can turn out to be very special thanks to a Personnalisation. In any case, our two models are Personalisable with Traditional Embossing or Handpaint on leather.

2. The Ideal Purse is signed Du matin au soir... of course! Its Small Format is very Handy and its cut-sides simply so elegant! It slides easily in a Hand bag and thanks to its deux Inside pockets, you can range Cards on one side and Bank Notes on the other.

3. What about a Leather Glasses Case, you probably had not thought about it but it is a Beautiful Gift and it is even more stylish with the Person's Name Embossed with Gold Foil. Often, Sunglasses or Spectacles Glasses Cases you get at the Optician are heavy, ugly and take a lot of space inside a Bag! Our Leather Glasses Case are pretty, elegant and light to carry also with a lovely thing of its own which is its pressure button recovered with leather that makes a "click" when one opens and closes it.

4. Card-wallets usually are a Men's favorite Wallets but some women who do not like to have coins will prefer it to a Purse. We propose a pink version, our best-seller color since the beginning of Du Matin au Soir, or more sober colors like Chocolate brown, navy blue and black.

5. Our Ladies Jewellery Storage Box, is our little baby. We started with the Small Travel Case and now we have made it in Big. In "Small" it is very useful for Traveling but also the House and the "Big" one is perfect when you collect Custom Jewellery or Precious ones! According to The Fashion Journalist Peggy Frey, when talking about her Du Matin au Soir Orange Big Jewelry Case on her instagram account, she simply said: "It makes me another woman!". This makes us really happy as for us a Jewel Box should simply be an essential for a Woman and should make you feel good. Moreover, we are very proud because, So Soir, the famous Belgian magazine, has just talked about us in its late article about Luxury Codes.

If you wish to Personalise it, here are a few tips: Dare an Expression or a Message if the person has a lot of humour, ifs she is Classic, go for a Monogram or a Name, it is a no brainer. The advantage of a name is it will not change, Initials can evolve, especially for French women who once married, take their husbands name.

6. The Bag Strap will bring style to your Handbag and make you feel like you have a new one! A super gift at a super price also Personalisable with Gold Foil. With its golden yarns, it will make you shine like a shooting star running to her next meeting!

7. Finally, our Pompon and Sailors Knot Key rings are also great small gift ideas at only 55€. Maxi effect guaranteed because they are made of Magnificent Leathers and Colors!

Here you go for our Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas at Du Matin au Soir ...Before anything else, if you decide to offer a Personalised Gift, have fun while doing it and think about the person who will receive it! To give is a pleasure in itself, but the most important is to pay homage to the true nature of the person who will get it.

Surely, if you are looking for a Unique Gift that will Touch her or his Heart Emotion, this is the right place! Go to our Eshop where you will find Leather Accessories, Made in Italy by Craftsmen with golden hands!

We hope to have given you good ideas and do not hesitate to contact us here if you have any questions!


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