"Gild the lily"


We have decided to get more personal at "Du matin au soir", tell you about the gilding technique today and this expression "gild the lily" which defines what we propose: adding an unnecessary ornamentation in an attempt to improve something that is already complete.

In those times of uberfastness, dematerialization and standardization, we believe people who, like us, enjoy useful and beautiful leather objects are delighted about a little customization which lasts. Don't you remember in the old times when your grand-parents personalized their luggages, boxes and leather folders? Isn't that a great way of feeling unique and isn't that just the chicest thing ever?

That is why, in this traditional and stylish manner, dumatinausoir.com, offer you the possibility to "gild the lily" of your leather accessory with the "gilding" technique which goes from simple golden initials to made to measure messages in color.

So what is gilding? Gilding is a decorative technique, applying fine gold leaf to solid surfaces such as wood, stone, metal or in our case, leather. This thin coating of gold is embossed on leather thanks to heat and makes remarkable ornamental leatherwork. This crafstman's technique exists since the XVth century and has been very much used on old book covers and still is now, for especially beautiful editions and has been continually used on traveling leather objects such as jewelry cases and boxes and all sorts of leather goods.

What to engrave on leather? Traditionally, people like very much gilt initials but today a short name like 'Syb', or the name followed by the surname's first letter, for example "Marie H", or a little message such as "Coco's jewelry", 'Love', 'My treasures' is very popular... Let's live with our times, use traditional techniques, make craftsman continue to work with tradition in a more fashionable way.

Our originality on dumatinausoir.com is to propose 4 different gilding colors from the classic gold to a metallic red and metallic blue as well as a more discreet mat blue which looks absolutely great on our metallic gold leather, by the way! See our picture above.

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Have a great journey with Dumatinausoir.com.


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