The birth a "jewel box"

Have you noticed how much you always wear the same jewelry unless you can see and get the chance to change them ? It is so nice to add the final touch to your look by picking the right jewelry.

Jewelry has a special place in our hearts, it is full of memories and sentiments. It reminds you of your second-half, an old boy or girl friends gift, a mother's present. Indeed, it usually is something you treasure in a way or another. Some pieces you want to wear everyday and, others, on special occasions or at specific seasons... But transporting and ranging your jewels, being for a woman or a man, remains a real conundrum. If you go away on a party week-end, for a wedding for instance, you simply need to transport your jewelry safely there.

After realizing how difficult it was to find a stylish traveling jewel box, we decided to design one that was both easy-to-travel and also easy-to-use. Knowing the busy lives we lead today, one needs to be organized to gain time... because we do find our precious little things again when they are well ranged and always laying at the same place!

So, we thought our leather jewel box to be small, to fit in a handbag but also to be pretty, to be used as a decorative object that one is glad to leave on a cupboard or a dressing table at sum up, we designed it to be handy and look beautiful as much on the inside than the outside. Thus, inspired by the emerald stone-cut, we shaped our box with graphic cut-angles and incorporated inside, two withdrawable straps for storing earrings and/or rings. Then, one slip pocket for pendants and a bigger space for wider pieces like bracelets or necklaces, these upper and lower parts being separated by a protective leather layer.

Being huge fans of our grandparents and parents vintage accessories, we almost a year ago from now, launched our leather accessories line with the idea that they would not only be stylish but also practical to use on a daily-basis that is from "dawn to dusk". Dawn to dusk translating to "Du matin au soir", which french expression, we adore, and matched exactly what we wanted to offer our clients: "a day with style!"

So now what is next? A bigger jewel case...a jewelry roll? Surprise, surprise...

P.s: We take this opportunity to give you an advice! Always put your jewels in your hand luggage unless you are traveling in your own car as it could be stolen. Keeping your jewelry near you is of course the safest solution.

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