How did it all start?

How did it all start?

When we decided to create a line of leather accessories, it was to range and protect our precious belongings with style, while on the go. It was also the idea that one wants its accessory to look right in all situations from morning to night. The concept was born and would inspire us: an accessory that work all day long and makes you have "a day with style".

Starting from there, it became logic to play with the notion of time and give week days as names to our styles.

The "Monday clutch" gets in handy on a Monday morning when you need to transport all sorts of papers for the day and on a Monday evening, the necessary like your money, smartphone and keys, on a night out.

The "Tuesday purse", slips easily in the "Monday clutch", like a little brother or sister, it is Monday's smaller size. By the way, it is nice to assemble them together in the same color, tone on tone, or in different colors.

The "glasses case" quickly became the "Wednesday style", it is actually useful all week long for your normal glasses or sun glasses.

Thursday still being in the making, we directly passed to Friday and Saturday. We thought, our jewel boxes for men and women, are perfect for traveling on a week-end trip or simply on holiday, so we baptized the woman model "Friday" and the men's "Saturday".

As for "Thursday", hold your cards, we are taking our time to come up with the right model that is missing in our collection. A little patience, our workshop is working on it...After having studied the design and a few prototypes, we will have the right mix of proportions, aesthetics and facility of use, three important qualities to us.

Here is a glimpse of what you can expect...

We hope you will like it, let us know your thoughts already.

Have a great day with style!

Coralie & Katarina

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