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Updated: Feb 1, 2021

For this fall 2018, we are launching "wine red" and "sandy yellow", both in grained leather.

We have had a particular Crush on these Grained Leathers thanks to their incredible brightness and suppleness. So, we decided to tell you a bit more about "grained leather", how it was brought about and how we go to choose those tones.

Did you know Grained Leather is the Tanner's Work and that its effect is actually made mechanically? Here is the legend behind its making!

It was discovered in a serendipity moment like many discoveries. They say, 200 years ago, a skin had been left drying on pebbles, in a Scottish tannery. When the tanner moved it away, the ground's relief had simply been printed on the skin. In an attempt to give its original aspect back, the tanner stretched it which actually made it look better. That is how leather goods began to be manufactured in that amazing texture. There is no way we can retrace the truth of that story but we thought it was a cute way of letting you know how grained leather is fabricated which is always interesting to know.

So why did we choose those colors and that Leather Type? Until now, we have been attracted by bright colors like fuchsia pink, lipstick red and lagoon blue... always fresh and timeless with our classic pine green and navy blue. To this color palette, we wanted to add some warm colors. That is how we found this nice new color combination of Yellow and Dark Red. Putting aside the fact they fit well with each other, our sandy yellow also illuminates the wine red. We also like to Mix and Match our Du Matin au Soir together! For example, a Big Wine Red Clutch with a Tuesday Sandy Yellow Purse is very elegant and cheerful. As for the grained effect, we adore its look and touch which brings lots of character to those two tonalities.

How to take care of Grained Leather? In the same way as for Soft Leathers, with a leather cream of the color of your Accessory, ideally, once a year. Nourishing Leather, protects it and makes it age beautifully. So make it shine again ever so often!

We hope you will like our novelties as much as we do.

Have a great journey with your Du matin au soir!

The Du matin au soir team,

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