Why offer or buy a Monday clutch?

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Why offer or buy the Monday clutch? Read on to know and get some tips on how to use and wear it.

Our Clutch has been thought for a double use. To range small things you want to protect during the day and to take what is necessary when you go out for lunch or dinner.

Being obsessed by ranging our belongings to find them easier which is a huge gain of time, our Clutch Bag has been thought with two pockets inside that work as separators. Ideal, to protect your phone from your keys for example.

Being also keen on colors, we have worked on proposing a wide range of colors so you can have them in different tonalities and mix them up with a leather glasses case or a purse from our collection. The idea being to collect them in a variety of colors to match your uniform.

Some days, when you have one appointment after the other and you end up by an afterwork party, it is most handy to have a clutch that transforms itself into an Evening Bag. In soft or grained leather, in a dark or flashy color, it can be perfect for a Business Look or just to add a little something to your outfit.

The #dumatinausoir plus is to propose two ways of Personalizing your Accessory with a Traditional Embossing or a Graffiti.

How to wear it? Casually, with a XXL jumper for a urban look, with a blazer for a more evening wear when inside and simply on a coat, or raincoat, when outside.

The attitude? Holding it ferm in your hand or under your arm, it will give you a Chic Contemporary Look!

Have a great day with style,

The Du matin au soir team

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