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While nowadays most brands make in China or India, we, at Du matin au Soir, wanted to work with a manufacture that we felt close to in spirit, values and mentality. We were also searching for fantastic finishings and a quality you cannot find everywhere. So how did we, Coralie Enthoven & Katarina de Demandolx, end up working with an Italian family-run manufacture?

Being based at the heart of Europe, in Brussels, we searched in Belgium first but we realized few workshops were left and often outsourced in far away countries too. After looking in France, we quickly, turned to Italy, which was at the same time close and where we knew we could find extraordinary skills in leather making.

After research, we were lucky to discover an Italian family manufacture in the North of Italy with magnificent know-how. Nonetheless, they knew how to make jewelry cases, which was the piece requesting specific expertise in our collection. We now had to convince them to work with us!

After a few there and back, our drawings slowly turned into reality. And now we can proudly say, our collection is 100% made in Italy. For instance, our zippers, lining and leathers come from Italian manufactures where excellence is the key value. Each part is meticulously cut and assembled in a manufacture which has been transmitted from father to son, a human fact we appreciate thoroughly.

When we started, it was evident our quantities were going to be small and that making our leather accessories should not be easy. They have put their trust in us and here we are proposing you customizable leather accessories that are made in Italy with passion. And now we can say it, there is no wonder, Italy is one of the best places on earth for leather craftsmanship.

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Made in Italy

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