It all starts in the mind, doesn't it?

Doesn't reading an uplifting idiom or joyful word remind you to see life from a different perspective, as seeing the glass being half full, rather than being half empty?

DUMATINAUSOIR's aim is to satisfy a need, of course, but it is also about bringing a lot of happiness on the way. Ranging, protecting and transporting one's precious belongings with style is surely nice, but being helpful and making others happy is also extremely gratifying...

If you are a little last minute and not sure about the message to write for your gift. Worry no longer, we have it for you! So which one will be yours? "La vie en rose", "Hello Sunshine", "LOVE" or the "WOW" oneomaetopia effect?

Get inspired by our pre-embossed feel good sentences and make your own or just get them as they are!

Simply because it's so heartening to read words that make you smile, especially when received by a special someone you care for!

In the end, it is about passing the message, telling the ones you love what you feel for them, isn't it?

#spreadthelove #sayitonleather with #dumatinausoir

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