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"Weekend" mini card wallet - Soft leather lipstick red

The "weekend" mini card-holder is the perfect partner on the go! Inspired by the spirit of a modern life full of adventures where practical mixes naturally with the beautiful, it is extremely elegant and useful. It shelters 4 cards on the sides (2 on each side) and can welcome more cards or notes in the middle. It exists in a colourful palette of smooth Italian leather. Furthermore, personalised with your initials or name, nobody will steal it from you!


Dimensions: 7cm x 10 cm


CARE: A few rules to preserve your leather article. Avoid contact with humidity especially floodlike rains, grease, products with alcohol or solvent. Finally, protect your card-holder in its DUMATINAUSOIR slipcover when not used for it to last a lifetime!






"Weekend" mini card wallet - Soft leather lipstick red

Colors: Lipstick red

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