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Why can we say DUMATINAUSOIR leather accessories are handcrafted by craftsmen.


DUMATINAUSOIR leather goods are designed in Belgium and made in Italy. The conception, i.e. the idea, the thinking behind, the drawings are all realized by us in Belgium. We take the time to imagine what we think will please you and that you just won’t stop wanting to use. Then, we hand in the technical drawings to our Italian workshop which can start working on the first prototype, sometimes a second one or even more, are necessary. We are, indeed, very demanding as our aim is to offer you a luxury product which requires the final article to be perfect. The small details will sign the articles quality and its longevity. 

It is impossible for one to imagine all the work behind a finished article when discovered in a shop or an e-shop like ours, but it is many tests, glances, crossed discussions between the craftsman and us, the creators.  This is a very exciting phase and a real thrill to get the prototype after having worked and dreamt about it. 


A question that often comes back to us: Is there a difference between handmade and hand-crafted? Yes there is one, and it is very fine. 


In what we call the hand-crafted process, machine(s) can intervene. 

In the handmade process, the article is made by hand from beginning to end by the craftsman (but this is more and more rare) as today many tools and mechanical means exist. They enable a better precision and are therefore very useful to get a cleaner result. Moreover, craftsmen products are made in small quantities and series as opposed to industrial ones made on a large scale.  


How DUMATINAUSOIR articles are hand-crafted? 


Because human action is very present. They are not made by machines but “with their help” so to speak, or with “tools”. Our craftsmen use sowing machines, cutting machines, press machines, hole punches, which cannot actually work without the input of a human hand. 

Moreover, for the personalisation, a stamping machine is used for the engravings except for crowns which are hand-embossed. As for the painters, they use a paintbrush of course but their hands make it all! 


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