The duo


Katarina de Demandolx (half-French, half-Swedish) and Coralie Enthoven (Belgian) met in their twenties while they were students in London. 15 years later, they met again in Brussels. One is a PR in the Fashion and Jewellery industry in Paris, the other, a Fashion designer in Brussels.


What has certainly brought Coralie & Katarina together is their love of beautiful objects and vintage accessories: « We have been lucky to be surrounded by beautiful objects thanks to our families ». It is also a story of tranmission and taste.

Strong influences

« We were fortunate to be surrounded by people with great taste, an Uncle, a Mother, who shone by their anti-conformism. Both also collected beautiful objects and fashion accessories ». Being both gone, their influences seem even greater on their artistic path today. 

Going further back...the generation above, has also left amazing traces of their epochs like clutches, jewelry rolls and boxes dated from 1900 which are as elegant on the inside than the outside.

- Coralie: « We look at them ever so often to study the quality of the work and get some inspiration ».

- Katarina : « I have inherited a jewelry box from my French Grand-mother and always thought this was an essential ladies object and wonderful gift idea.»


The idea


In 2017, Coralie and Katarina launch a line of small customizable leather goods to range and protect ones precious belongings while on the go. The concept was born, « a day with style », style from morning to night which translates into "Du matin au soir" in French.


What is better than a leather object that is unique, that does not get out of fashion and can be worn all year round and even transmitted from mother to daughter? And that can also be a perfect gift? 


The style, its details…


Du matin au soir, proposes a line of timeless and handy accessories, in smooth or grained leather, customisable on request (initials, a name or other) with traditional embossing or a personnalised graffiti.


The collection offers jewellery boxes, glasses cases and pouches (clutches and purses), a card-holder...which are recognisable thanks to two unique features: cut sides inspired by the emerald-cut and a custom-made golden zip in the shape of an hourglass. Moreover, the brand presents its accessories in a wide range of colors to suit all sorts of styles: classic, work or a more glamorous look... 


Our commitment

The Fashion label pays particular attention to details and final touches, quality of materials, styles as well as fabrication. This is why the brand has chosen to work with an Italian workshop. Personal engravings are hand-made in the finest of traditions and carried out with heat press by a gilder like our graffitis which are made by an artist. Every custom is therefor handmade. In opposition to "made in China", everything is made in Europe. "Du matin au soir" is thought in Belgium and made in Italy.