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Where do studs come from?

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Why did we initially put studs on clothes and accessories? How did an ordinary and indispensable accessory became a decoration? Where does that idea came from ? While we thought it would look pretty on our leather accessories, we asked ourselves the question and found out a bit more about the origin fo those studs or rivets, its technical term in fashion.

craftsman putting studs in the leather

Those metal “studs/nubs” originated during the California Gold Rush days around 1850. Their purpose was to strengthen the seams and pocket corners of the first denim/canvas pants worn by workers and craftsmen who needed "clothes built to endure anything". This hard canvas material which loosens with time, and for which a solid stitching is key.

Today, rivets are not so useful as materials and sowing techniques have evolved but it is interesting to see how in 150 years time, a sowing technique actually became a decorative one! Funny, isn't it?

And how do these craftsmen work those rivets? First, they need to punch all the wholes, then they can press in the rivets with a press machine and close the rivet one by one. It looks easy like that but actually requires the right gesture.

Why did we add those studs ? We wanted to bring a rock and precious touch to our leather pouches.

big clutch and purse with studs in wine red leather

Go discover our "Rock Line" with an ensemble of 3 favourites : the Clutch Bag, the Purse and the Sunglasses Case dressed up with Studs!

Assume your Rockn' roll side with us!

Rock line is available here on the webshop

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