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Do you believe in writing therapy? If you like "writing", this is for you!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Our past determines our present and our present is what shapes our future. Understanding that, is the very beginning of realizing how important it is to pause, look back...and put it down! Have you ever written a journal?

Sitting at a desk, in front of a white page of a Beautiful Leather Notebook to write about your day, the past ones or simply your thoughts, is a fantastic moment of introspection. A Journal can not only serve you but perhaps interest your children and grand-children one day. A Diary helps you remember what you did at a certain time, and suddenly brings back the pleasure of what was once lived... It will definitely make you laugh or cry one day as well as your descendants. It can also, who knows, actually serve History! Writing a Journal may take some time but is so fulfilling. Whether you are from generation X (1965 til 1980) or even Y (1980 til 2000), it surely rings a bell in ones search for balance between work and personal life.

orange leather notebook held by laughing girl

The Power of Writing is truly huge. It enables you to get a clear head, reflect on your day, see the positive sides of all the things you have done! Children take the time to look, observe, hear i.e. not all the time we agree, but they more than us, are attentive to the world around because they try to understand it. When was the last time you did that? To look into yourself or a situation through the eyes of a pen and a Piece of Paper, putting things in perspective, congratulate yourself for what has been achieved and give yourself goals for what can be? Why not start this fantastic therapy now with a very Special Notebook!

If writing a journal is not your thing, the "Morning" Notebook will be a great Work Partner and Personalised... it will, for sure, be difficult to steal! Also, did you know, the best way to "retain knowledge is still by making Handwritten Notes". So the good news for the ones who are not keen on writing a journal is that writing is still one of best ways to work on a personal or Professional Project.

So let's imagine this nice place, a place to either Write Down your Life Story or simply organize your life better. A notebook with a most Fine Leather Cover that belongs to you and only you, thanks to a very Special Message Embossed on it. Should it be your Initials, a Motto, or just the purpose of its use... Know this Notebook exists now at DU MATIN AU SOIR in A5 Size. With two Slip Pockets, and a Pen Loop, it comes with a Spiral Binding Notebook with lined pages (180 pages). It is the perfect addition to any Desk to be used from morning to night!

beautiful navy blue leather notebook

One more thing, because its is fun and can give you some inspiration! We have been happily surprised with all the ideas you came with on social media on how to Use our Notebook, so we decided to share the best ones with you here, as well!

A notebook to :

- organise girls week-ends!! What a good idea... : )

- for my restaurant!

- to write about our trek in Morocco

- to deal with this new school-year

- as a reception or guest book (very chic!!)

- offer it as a gift to my messy mother 😂

- for my to-do lists of course!!

- to write down marking quotes

- and simply, for my best ideas

Come discover our leather notebook on our website!

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