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Personalisation tells us a story!

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Adventure, Love, Travel, Investigation, Friendship...Personalisation plays an important part in the Gift Field today. Whether it be a Present for someone else or to Indulge Oneself, a Personalised Bag, Clutch, Jewel or Jewelry Case will be a hit... will the beautiful message on them tell us the story we want to hear?

When we launched DU MATIN AU SOIR in May 2017, our aim was to offer a collection of Personalised Leather Accessories. Rather discreet than the bling type, we thought how fun and lovely it would be for our friends to add their own mark on their accessory by choosing what print or message to display! This was and still is our little snobbism or Idea of Chic really. So with us, in case you did not know yet, you can brand your own message with a simple Monogram, a name, surname or a feel good expression which is what we also love right now... to lift our spirits up!

Personalisation has always been a Luxury. First, the Big Maisons proposed it and now even Zara does it. And why not? The more the merrier! So really why do we love to Personalise our Belongings so much? Isn't simply to distinguish ourselves and remind ourselves of what we really are...Unique? So today, DU MATIN AU SOIR tells you about 6 brands and accounts to follow on instagram, they all propose Personnalisation on different materials and format, each of them with they own Style and Personality!

So here we go! We kick it off with CALL IT BY YOUR NAME a new super fun and colorful Handbag and Accessories Brand made with embroidered bandana fabric. Created by our friend Colombe Campana, ex- Art Director of DA Tara Jarmon. The idea? " A collection of Bags and Accessories that draws its desire from the Traditional Motifs of the bandana and the art of embroidery. Carambolage of Vibrant Colors and Soft Shades, Letters and Joyful patterns, scarves, bags, Purses or Pouches signed CALL IT BY YOUR NAME tell Tender Stories to your first names as to all your desires."

We love : The embossed embroideries, Hand-made by skilled embroiderers.

Hint joaillerie is a Pretty Jewelry Brand who signs discreet yet Personalised Jewelry. HINT Jewellery is Feminine, Soft and infused with modesty. It’s both intimate as well as highly precious.

They spell in diamonds using the Morse Alphabet the Letters of your Initial, of a City, a Lover, a Word, a Date...Discreet diamonds on a gold chain, are worn next to the skin. Thus they become a trace of light on your wrist or neck. Morse code is a sound or light code. We use the light of precious stones to subtly Write Your Secret Message. Round stones for dots, baguettes for dashes.

We love: The coded message which will speak to connoisseurs only.

Let's continue with other Charming Personnalized Jewels.

bracelet mum of

Ben, launched her Jewelry Brand a year ago now. She seduced us straight away with her bracelets Mum to be and Mummy. For the Mum to be who must endure the famous question: "so what is it?"... Ioko Ben offers your to wear the answer on your wrist. Fine and delicate bracelets, Handmade in Paris, with acrylic and golden beads, they can adjust to all wrists thanks to a sliding knot.

We love : The large choice, Colors and Messages, choose the one that resembles you the best!

Do you know Zebrabook, the Belgian Personalized books founded by Marie Thibaut de Maisières?

Personalised alphabet books with your little one's name and surname. A Magical Gift, Made to Order. The story is Personalised around the Childs Name. You can choose amongst three different stories: The European tour, the book of talents or animals. It is basically the best Kids Personalised Gift...also educational and ethical with lots of fun on the way!

We love: that it can be ordered in 2 minutes and having the choice between a soft or hard cover!

Still in Belgium and for you know the great atribu_belgian_label ?

They propose quality personnalisable kids accessories : toilet bags, duffle bags , wipe baskets or child health record booklet personnalised to the name of the child.

We love : the embroideries and fabrics quality!

Last but not least, we also wanted to talk about Fairwell, an original Conciergerie Concept Made in France for the ones who don't have the time to solve all of their Gift Woes. A really practical solution for those who cannot but delegate. Fill in the Gift personality test and receive free Gift Ideas, isn't life beautiful at times?

We love: Fairwell associates itself with High End Brands (like us) to help you find the Perfect Gifts!

Here we are, become the author or the Hero of Your Story with a touch of self-centredness or not, anyway in this selfie era, all is allowed!

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