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Why a pretty belt is much needed ?

We just know it, wearing a belt just brings out this little "je ne sais quoi" on your look, because accessories make the difference.

After our Clutches, Jewelry boxes, Bag straps, Glasses cases etc., a Belt was missing at Du Matin au Soir! Constantly looking for pretty colors, elegance and style, we are very happy to propose this new essentiel which also marks a new style for us.⁠

What makes a womens' belt stand out? Its Colour ? Its Quality ? Its Buckle or its Leather Work perhaps? Well the Forever Belt meets all of these skills. Amazing colors: lemon yellow, sky blue and white, a Great Leather Quality, a Round Buckle and its Notched Pattern to die over... What will you particularly appreciate in the Forever Belt? The originality and well-made leather work but also its balanced character and the confidence it will bring you!

A handy and Timeless Accessory, one that one wears everyday and dares wear over every piece of clothes, not only to hold back a pair of trousers or close a coat. Our leather belts will bring a special something out of your outfit! Another indispensable accessory that will add some style to the simplest of clothes.

Our lined Leather Belts are handcrafted with a Brass Buckle. To be worn without moderation...

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