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5 Advices to make the Nicest Travel Journal

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Is there anything nicer than a well-filled Travel Journal to keep a memorable time of your Holiday Trip? So here are a few ideas to create a fabulous Logbook! And what's more? It is fun to do.

Want to craft a Travel Journal that resembles you? It can be a catch-all of ideas, images, pictures and drawings... what's important is to let your imagination go and enjoy... it should be a pleasure. You might want to do it very seriously or more lightly, the idea is to Keep it for Life and go back to it once in a while to Travel again thanks to souvenirs you could well have forgotten otherwise.... a Beautiful Journey all the way, don't you think?

So here are our 5 advices to make a Lovely Travel Diary

1 Choose it well

First, the Notebook must appeal to you! You must choose one that you will want to write in or draw inside! Landscape, Portrait format, Kraft or Leather Cover, Blank Paper, with or without lines, with or without points? Do not take it too big because half of the book might remain blank, not too thin, to have enough room to tell your story. In any case, choose a Booklet that you will really want to Write in. And this is where a Pretty Leather Notebook cover may well make the difference. Its advantage being that one can Change the Notebook inside once it is finished. The DU MATIN AU SOIR Notebook comes with an A5 Clairefontaine spiral bound Notebook with Lined Paper which is indeed very Easy to Change as it is a Standard Notebook!

2. Beautiful but solid too

In opposition to a simple notebook, the Morning Leather Notebook Cover will remain as it is or almost, as a most Beautiful and Elegant Patina will slowly show up on the way. Our Leathers are of very Fine Quality and our finishing touches realized with most delicacy. Every detail like paintings on the side, the stitchings... are meticulously made. So, with DU MATIN AU SOIR you will surely have a most Aesthetic and Resistant Notebook against humidity and your numerous movements.

3. How to write it up?

Simply follow your trip's chronological order, day after day. Whether you are making a Cultural or Leisure Trip, a Honey Moon or a Road Trip, indicate the distance before even Writing about your day. Print out the trip from Google Maps and darken your starting and ending point. Also write the distance travelled and how long it took you to do it.

Otherwise, take notes every time you see something worth it or each time you feel inspired. Two possibilities: either write down on the spot or write a resumé each evening before going to bed. No matter the method used, write all your notes with a pencil at the end of the book, like that you can leave the beginning for the page lay out. Do the page setting at the end to make the pleasure last longer!

When you go back home, print out the pictures you like the most and amuse yourself integrating them in your story. You have everything? Now comes the best part!

4. Be original

Do not hesitate to vary the page layouts : a big photo with a little text, lots of small pictures, a few key-words without any text following, illustrations like drawings, cards, plants, paintings. Test it before sticking the elements because once glued, you won't be able to change anything.

For example, use cards, colours, different pen types... Drawing is not your thing, print out drawings from internet, trace them back or simply stick them like cultural objects, monument sketches or typical food. This will bring out a playful and nice side to your journal.

Use a lot of colors... Write down your text in black and circle a few words in a colour, use colorful sellotape to stick your photos. There are indeed many ways to brighten up your notebook! And they are many websites specialized in scrapbooking to explain and give you tips on how to realise a pretty and unusual Travel Diary. If you inspire yourself from a model, change a few little things on the way to make it yours. Time to start... you will see many ideas will come up!

5. Last piece of advice

Take a Notebook with a Pen Loop like ours. It is essential to have a pen within easy reach. It is indeed a real luxury especially when Travelling because if it's directly On your Notebook, you will know where to range it but also where to find it!

In short, you will have understood it, "Morning" is a Leather Notebook Cover Perfect for Travelling and/or Everyday life. Made in Italy in a family owned workshop, it is an essential Travel Accessory and also an Excellent Classic Gift, Useful and of Great Quality! Its plus: the Pen Loop and the possibility to Change the Notebook Inside and use a different Notebook for Each Trip or need of course.

So now, if you go away on holiday and want to start a Travel Book, what you need to do is buy yours and finally, don't forget to put it in your luggage!

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