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Petrol Blue Leather Novelties!

What if we extended by the seaside feeling all year round with a nice Petrol Blue leather assortment ?

Very prized by Interior Architects especially by the new French popess, Sarah Lavoine who has put it back in style with her brand Maison Sarah Lavoine. Intriguing and strong, this particular blue remains warm thanks to its touch of yellow which draws it towards green. Also called Peacock blue or Duck blue in French, it refers to the extraordinary feathers and colors of those birds.

What colors does Petrol Blue match best with? Purple, pink, white, yellow or pastel tonalities but also silver or gold...have fun associating them with other tonalities!

At DUMATINAUSOIR, you will find Pretty Purses in Petrol Blue Leather. Understated yet a colour you can see easily in your bag like its partner in crime, the Mini Card-Holder that goes very well with it. Why not go for both in the same colour or with a matching one, they complement one another.

You are a Petrol Blue Fan? You will also find a Petrol Blue Notebook on our eshop. Personalised, nobody will ever be able to pinch it at work or elsewhere actually!

Remain Stylish "Du Matin Au Soir" with our Personnalisable Accessories.

Find our collections on the website.

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